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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a marketing operating system?

A Marketing Operating System is a powerful tool that automates many of your digital marketing programs, audience management efforts, and email marketing campaigns, so that you can move your physician audiences through the life cycle and improve effectiveness and efficiency. Simply put, its a framework that integrates your email marketing, reporting, audience generation, social intelligence, and audience tracking — all in to one unified system.

What if I'm already using Google Analytics or Site Catalyst?

Google Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst are great products in their own right and most marketers love them because they provide the standard indicators or success such as unique visitors and time-on-site. While these are important metrics to capture, they only tell you whats going on with your data. Today’s marketing goes well beyond the bounds of typical web analytics. With physician-centric digital marketing, you’ll now need to know and demonstrate who specifically in your campaign is contributing to the effectiveness of your campaign and what characteristics define them as high value audiences.

What’s the difference?

In MediklyOS, data is integrated in a way that enables you to see on an individual level the effectiveness of your campaigns and a direct relationship between channels.  Meaning, just having silo’ed views of website, social, email and other channels alone are not enough. Having a multichannel view of your audience allows you to see the physcian journey and the customer experience. A few key questions that MediklyOS helps you answer that Google or Adobe may not include:

  • Can I track both known and unknown physicians?
  • Who clicked on a email or banner ad but didn’t register?
  • Who came through social and which post was responsible?

The biggest difference between Google Analytics/Site Catalyst and MediklyOS is that MediklyOS focuses on the full experience of your physicians over time, from their first interaction with your brand to their most recent engagement and beyond. In short, MediklyOS measures physicians, not page views. Physician-centric questions that MediklyOS answers include:

  • What first attracted my physicians to my brand?
  • Was it different from what actually got them to convert?
  • What top experiences help physicians convert?


Tied to Sales

MediklyOS enables you to connect the dots of how your marketing efforts are contributing to sales. This happens through an integration with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, like Veeva or Knowing how many physicians your marketing campaigns delivered is critical for allocating your budget and resources. ROI questions that MediklyOS can answer include:

  • Which PPC campaigns are converting the most physicians?
  • Is social helping drive sales or just engagement?
  • Is the investment into an ad campaign resulting in sales?
Can I incorporate external 3rd party data?

Yes. If your organization has prescription data or other 3rd party data available (either internally or purchased through a vendor), you are encouraged to incorporate it into your MediklyOS to prove your performance and ROI. If an API does not already exist to incorporate the external 3rd party data you’d like to pull into the platform, our development team can usually create access within 5-10 day working days.

Is there anything to install?

No. MediklyOS is delivered as web-based Software as a Service – there’s nothing to install or deploy.

Why would I need a marketing operating system?

Today’s physicians have changed.  They’re predominantly going online to better understand your brand/product. With your sales force shut out of physician office and your intelligence on them minimal, you’ll need to provide highly relevant and targeted content with each individual physician based on their specific needs and interests. To do this manually is complex, time consuming, ineffective and costly. Thats where a marketing operating system like MediklyOS comes in handy. It will not only help you understand each physician, but also guide that unique conversation based on their specific needs, preferences and where they are in the life cycle.

Can i create my own custom charts and tables or reports?

Yes, certainly. Please visit the “Reports” section in your MediklyOS Dashboard and create your custom report based upon the audience, actions, activity or content you would like reported.

What type of access will I have to MediklyOS?

We will provide 1 user with administrative access at the time of MediklyOS platform activation. The admin account holder has the authority to then delegate sub-users, their roles & their level(s) of access.

How will I be able to tell how well my campaign is doing?

Though campaign success is based upon achieving the particular goals you’d like (is it a number of prescriptions written? Level of awareness amongst your audience? Number of patients treated?), MediklyOS does provide measures that can help you determine how well you are doing relative to goals you established at the start. Visit the “Benchmarks” section or the “Segments” section in your Medikly dashboard to set measurable goals for your team, keep yourself on track, and see how you fare against industry benchmarks.

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See What Others Say


“The Medikly platform enhances our ability to more intelligently market to physicians. The more we’ve come to understand the platform and its applications, the more we’ve come to realize it’s perfect for our commercialization teams, and the relationships they want to develop with HCPs.”

Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Office, inVentiv Health

“Adding Medikly’s exciting technology to our already best-in-class content creation services, allows Ethis’ clients to better view eye care professionals’ behaviors online and tailor content to individual clinician’s interests, needs, and learning styles.”

Luca Sergio, CEO, Ethis Communications

“With Medikly’s platform, we are adding groundbreaking capabilities such as unique digital analytics and automation tools that measure the online interactions of healthcare practitioners.”

Steve Roycroft, EVP, inVentiv Health

“With MediklyOS, our pharmaceutical customers will benefit by having a clearer understanding of how sponsored content or advertisements are faring, what audience segments are interested, and how to improve in the future.”

Dave Mittman, PA, DFAAPA, President, Clinician 1

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