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See how you can better reach, engage and understand your physician audiences on an individual level in four easy steps.

Marketing Automation for Healthcare Marketers

MediklyOS enables marketers to manage effective and efficient digital marketing and drive business value by incorporating four key marketing processes.

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Collect Data That Augments The Physician Profile

As your physician audience becomes increasingly connected across more channels, MediklyOS will help listen to and translate the data into actionable insights.

digital intelligence

Enrich Physician Data

Combine public, web and social data with internal lists data to determine your high value digital influencers and trigger marketing actions.


Identify Digital Influencers

Measure and score influence based on the ability to digitally drive brand engagement. Gauge how a physician engages with his peers.


Create a 360-degree View

Consolidate data to develop a complete customer profile. Incorporate web and social data to gain greater insight into intent.

Analyze Data to Find Actionable Insights

Gathering insights into physician behaviors no longer requires special skills. With MediklyOS, discover high-value, high-response audience segments and move from insight to action in a matter of clicks.

Segment and Target

Segment your audience using filters based on multiple sources and behaviors to target the right user with the right content.


Leverage Digital Benchmarks

Capture insights and compare marketing performance to therapeutic area competitors; optimize areas for improvement.

channel preferences

Monitor Campaign Trends

Understand campaign performance, your most popular channels, and how effective your program is.

Decide On The Best Marketing Action

The days of relying on good judgment or best guesses are long over.  MediklyOS helps you make better marketing decisions, enabling you to match the right content to the right physician.  In real-time.

assign physician value

Assign Physician Value

Identify your most valuable physicians, their consumption patterns, and the marketing channels that influence or lead to conversion.

campaign trends

Recognize Channel Preferences

Determine the best communications for each physician based on their interactions, channel preferences and your brand needs and priorities.


Automate Marketing Decisions

Send content to your audience at the right moment of need based on actions taken by them on your website, or other parameters.

Engage With Your Connected Physicians

Matching the right content to the right physician at the right time is complicated, especially across multiple channels.  Use MediklyOS to have a personalized, two-way conversation across any channel.

Real Time Responses

Instantly capture and respond to a physician’s current interaction to identify, prioritize, and deliver the most appropriate content.


Event-Triggered Campaigns

Manage cross-channel activities and create real-time engagement in one channel off of an activity or response in another.


Unlock Social Engagement

Gain insight into engagement on social media.  Use social data to better target, segment, and measure demand generation campaigns.

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See What Others Say


Medikly’s platform allows us to redefine what digital can do to solve one of their greatest challenges by reaching physicians with tailored communications and the ability to track results.

Rob Oquendo, SVP, General Manager, inVentiv Digital + Innovation


Medikly’s technology is the first of its kind in the life sciences industry, and the only one I’ve seen that delivers on its tremendous promise of helping learn more about their audience.

Vas Bailey, Strategy and Operations Executive, GLG Institute

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