Medikly | White Label Partner

White Label Partner

Brand, market, sell, support your own marketing operating system.

Grow your agency with a robust marketing operating system

See how MediklyOS can quickly and easily help you achieve digital marketing excellence for both your business and your customers.


Retain your clients

Bundle MediklyOS into your current offerings to enhance your existing services and solutions.


Gain a competitive edge

Be the first to offer your customers a cutting-edge healthcare marketing operating system.


New revenue streams

Offer and deliver MediklyOS to your customers by creating new products and solutions.

The Medikly Operating System

The first and only digital marketing platform that brings together the cutting-edge tools and technologies needed for today’s healthcare marketing.

Marketing Automation

Manage and control the targeting, timing, and delivery of your content in response to the needs and behaviors of your audience.

Email Marketing

Create, manage and personalize real-time campaigns that increase loyalty among your physician audience and drive business value.

Social Intelligence

Understand the sharing behavior of your audience to improve the reach and impact of your content and messages.

Audience Management

Capture and report customer experience more complexly and accurately than the customer them­selves can on a survey.

Content Marketing

Attract and retain your customers by providing relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing physician behavior.

Campaign Measurement

View actionable insights into campaign performance; measure everything and demonstrate the impact of your marketing.

Campaign Management

Manage end-to-end content and campaign capabilities to create, deliver, track and optimize programs across multiple channels.

Sales Enablement

Provide Sales with insights into audience motivations, behaviors, and territory activity to enhance their effectiveness.

App Marketplace

Leverage an ecosystem of healthcare specific marketing applications, tools and services for the MediklyOS community.

Key White-Label Partner Benefits

Take advantage of all the services offered by Medikly under your brand name and management.

Become a White Label Partner Now

Provide a comprehensive, revenue-focused marketing operating system to meet your clients’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does white-label mean?

White label means that we provide the software, host it, handle back up and everything to do with providing a great solution for your clients. We replace our MediklyOS logo with your logo – as well as every other trace of our company. The end product will look like your product.   

Is there any training or support for white-label partners?

You will be providing your own training and support for your clients.  However, we’ll provide the initial training and support to designated team members within your company.

Can I select which features my customers access?



Medikly is pharma’s first and only marketing operating system that helps you better reach, engage and understand physicians on an individual level.   We are headquartered in New York, NY.  Medikly was founded in 2009  by our Venkat Gullapalli, MD.

How much will my customers be charged for the software?

How much you charge your customers is based on whatever you feel is appropriate for your customer base.  We’ll help you set pricing and charge you directly for each account that is activated.

What features are available in the white-label version?

You’ll receive all the features and functionalities of our full operating system.  This includes the following apps:  Audience management, Email marketing, Campaign management, Campaign measurement, Marketing automation, Social Intelligence, Content marketing and Sales alignment.

How do i bill my clients?

That’s entirely up to you. You can use your own billing application, or we are happy to provide you with ours.  There are plenty of 3rd party SaaS-billing applications available to suite you and your organizations needs.

Is there a fee involved for becoming a white label partner?

Yes. The process of getting a new white label partner up and running requires skilled resources. We charge a fee to both cover those costs and to ensure that our time is well spent with serious partners.