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Providing Services Complementary to Medikly?

Our Technology Partner Program brings together software and technology vendors to build and deliver end-to-end solutions based on MediklyOS.

Build Solutions. Accelerate Sales. Bypass the Competition.

Medikly’s Technology Partner Program is designed to help you capture new markets, influence customer outcomes, and fuel your own growth through business-relevant solutions.

Generate Revenue

Generate recurring commissions based on the gross revenue for all new business you close

Get Access

Receive an annual subscription of MediklyOS  for up to 15,000 contacts or 15,000 email sends monthly.

 MediklyOS Training

Ongoing MediklyOS product training and certification for you and your clients.

Become a Medikly Solutions Partner Now

Use MediklyOS for your own business and earn recurring commissions on every new deal you close.